Saturday, 19 June 2010

More Fire, this time, its animated!

this was my latest bit of work for the Motor Transport Awards, this time to create animated fire for use with their digi-book.

Animation at Ravensbourne

To help in the rift between animators at ravensbourne over the next 5 months, I created a group for me and others to post work and other animations they like. the url can be found beneath.!/group.php?gid=135700449778223

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Preperation is the guilt free Procrastination.


Over the last couple of days i have received feedback on my work for SkillSet. To help me manage my time efficiently I invented what I'm calling the 'Tear Chart'. It probably already exists but basically what it is, is all of the things i need to do, coloured and ordered according to difficulty/time and stuck on the wall with blue tack. I know, its amazing. Still, by my way of thinking, if i tear off jobs as i do them, then the workload visually doesn't look as scary!

To the left of this great invention is a chart of all of the tutorials i plan to do over the next few weeks when NOS is done. By doing this i learned that if i put both a piece of paper, and a pen attached to the wall, my girlfriend will add her own helpful, encouraging illustrations. Thanks =] it doesn't look as menacing now!

="" 4681226747="" 47228653@n03="" alt="SPM_A0059" height="375" photos="" src="" title="SPM_A0059 by Rockerror, on Flickr" width="500""">

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

NOS Videos Disabled for the time being

Just to let any potential viewers of this blog know, i have had to privatise all of the NOS videos for the time being. They may be available soon but we shall see :)

Sound and colour test

I have been working with colour for the last few days. Today i came to a point where i was quite happy
 with how things are looking so i rendered out this test. using this as a reference i can now go back in and tweek certain things to get closer to what i want this animation to look like.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Fish animatic

i finally got round to uploading the animatic to the fish concept. it needs a lot of work but youve got to start somewhere