Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

New Project!

Ok so its been aaaaages since i've had time to post any of my personal work on here, but here is a sneak peak at somthing i'm working on at the moment. I have managed to get a realistic chain link effect in maya, and i'm quite proud of myself as I came up with the method all by myself! and i'm not giving away any secrets!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Render Layers

It feels like over the last couple of months, I  (and the others in my group) have really stepped up a few levels in my understanding of many areas of VFX.

One dramatic change is now my use of layers when rendering. no more is it essential to spend days and days ballancing lighting and render settings for shots, then outputting forever as a single image.

Now the doors to compositing are open to me, and it is really starting to become clear that COMPOSITING is the heart of all VFX.

the images i have chosen to represent this dont really do my new understanding justice, however they are the best i have on my computer at the present time as i have just cleaned off all of the last project files.

Framestore Running

Also another development was that i started work as a runner at Framestore at the start of December. This has been a very enjoyable experience so far. Being able to see how a company like this work has been very informative and has prompted me to re-think my specialisms. It has made my uni learning experiences feel much more real, as you get to see whether what you are being taught in lectures is actually relevant, or in some cases even correct!

Hello Again!

Hello anyone who happens to read this blog. Basically the last couple of months have been hard packed with work! I just thought I would write short update!

So we had those 2 uni projects to complete, one of which was an environment project which took us right up to January until we were finished. I am very happy with the result. there are some definite areas of improvement for future work, but the main thing I have gained from this project is that I have found a very motivated group to work amongst. Many thanks to Sanjay Sen, Ollie Kane and Stephanie Joy.

for working journal see:

The other project was to model and texture using LOD constraints. I found this mostly enjoyable, however the brief was patchy in places and the submission requirements were a little detatched from the actual work leading up to them. So here is a video of my project. I made a Bike with spherical wheels.for

For working journal see:

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lack of posting....

Hey there, I just thought it might be a good idea to explain the recent lack of posts on this blog. I have just started back at uni this week and so there is a huge amount of coursework going on in my two Uni blogs. please find them here to find out more!

Industry Exercises:

Environment Project:

Hopefully soon I'll get time to work on my own personaly driven learning again, and when i do, I shall update!

See you soon!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

human anatomy - my favorite subject

Ok so many of you who know me will know i'm sort of obsessed with the female form, with sketchbooks littered with observations. So after a short week's break from producing anything big in maya, I decided to see what stage I'm up to with my modeling uv layout and texturing skills by attempting another human figure, with the emphasis on photorealism.

I'm really happy with the results, and now after a year of learning Maya's possibilities and limitations, I am starting to understand a lot more about the pipeline processes used in creating computer animation from the ground up.

If there is one area in which i am still wildly ignorant, its rigging. I did make a joint skeleton and curve control rig for this model, and for the most part, it worked. However the elbows would not perform as planned for, and i had forgotten to inset clavical joints in my joint chain before binding so i just left it for the time being.

So the last thing i plan to research and study before I officially start uni again on the 25th is rigging and muscle systems. Until then, enjoy this demo of my female model!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

global illumination and final gather.

today was spent learning the basics of global illumination and final gathering whilst rendering in mental ray. It seems like a whole new world of information is now available to me and I plan to continue with this area. Above is somthing I did to experiment with the possibillities of the techniques to create a photo realistic interior scene. Click the image so see a full resolution image.


Today i spent most of my time doing tutorials on texture nodes in Maya. It got pretty confusing towards the end but thank god i made notes. But after 8 hours of learning, i was eager to create. Below is a view of the earth I produced using just 2 un-edited Nurbs sphears with shader networks attatched. A huge combonation of nodes were used (probably quite in-expertly) so I wont try and name them now. The end result looks good enough I think, if i was to repeat this exercise i would focus on getting specific land masses formed so as to show them off with close ups.

Click this image to see full size render

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


This is the result of a good few hours labor. The funny thing is, even whilst doing it it didn't occur to me that all I'd end up seeing was something similar to the nights sky.