Thursday, 23 September 2010

petite le voleur: a 14 day project


So i've come to the end of this 2 week project and i am extremely pleased with the results! I started out with the intent to make a really nice piece of character animation, finnessed to perfection, but soon into the start of the project, i found my own skills to be a poor limitation. So instead i thought that i would make the goal of this project a learning based one. yeah sure the end result isn't great, but the resulting knowledge i have gained made it worth it.

By seeing a character through from pre production to rendering has taught me a huge amount about each of the stages:

-painting weights

I have found that of course i still have a huge amount to learn, but i've also proved that with only a year of learning maya, one can produce a satisfactory short film. I hope you enjoyed watching it even half as much as i enjoyed making it!

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