Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This week's task: make a character animation

Hey, so yesterday and today i have made great headway in my project for the week. It had occured to me that i dont really have any stong character animation within my portfolio/showreel. this isnt a major problem as i don't really want to be an character animator as such, however that dosnt mean i dont want to learn it as i think every area of 3D animation relys and depends upon knowledge in all of the other areas to make a good final piece. Below is a quick render i did to see possible problems when animating some simple movement. From this i can see i will need to re-address the painted weights around the shoulders and hips. other than that i am quite happy with this model. I'm not going for perfection first time or anything niave like that, however i have set aside 5 days for this task, so I've got time to improve certain areas.

Test render:

Here is the reference i drew up before hand. I read in some of my books that often you will be given a simple image as opposed to detailed blueprints of a character so i tried to model this way instead. over the process of modeling the character did change somewhat, but for the best i think. I had only spent an hour or so coming up with the concept and reference so it was a very mailable process.

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