Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello Again!

Hello anyone who happens to read this blog. Basically the last couple of months have been hard packed with work! I just thought I would write short update!

So we had those 2 uni projects to complete, one of which was an environment project which took us right up to January until we were finished. I am very happy with the result. there are some definite areas of improvement for future work, but the main thing I have gained from this project is that I have found a very motivated group to work amongst. Many thanks to Sanjay Sen, Ollie Kane and Stephanie Joy.

for working journal see:

The other project was to model and texture using LOD constraints. I found this mostly enjoyable, however the brief was patchy in places and the submission requirements were a little detatched from the actual work leading up to them. So here is a video of my project. I made a Bike with spherical wheels.for

For working journal see:

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